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Total Soccer Academy Camps

Each Winter and Summer Total Soccer Academy provides camps for elite players of all ages.

Camp Format

Girls Soccer Team

Speed & Agility Training
(10-15 minutes)

Players will begin each day with a speed & agility session with a professional strength and conditioning coach. The focus will be on warming up properly, different aspects of speed and agility, and building muscles relating to an athletes explosiveness 

Girls Soccer Team Practising

Technical Training
(1 hour)

The technical portion of training is focused on the day's theme (Ex: defensive shape, passing patterns, individual defending etc.). The flow of the technical session includes teaching of the principle, practicing the principle and then applying the principle in a game-like setting. 

Girls Soccer Team with Coach

(45-50 minutes)

The camp is built in tournament format so players have the opportunity to apply what they're learning. Players will be divided into teams based on position and play with that team each day for the week against other teams. This culminates on the last day of camp with a championship game. 

Additional Training

Screen Shot 2023-08-07 at 12.27.16 PM.png

Tactical Training
(1 session of 1 hour)

All games will be filmed & there will be one day each week where players will participate in a professionally run film analysis/classroom session for one hour. These sessions are designed to expose players to the tactical side of  the game, common terminology and the decision making process. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-07 at 12.26.24 PM.png

Mental Training
(2 session of 1 hour)

There will be two 1-hour mental strength trainings that are optional for players & parents to attend. These sessions will be conducted on zoom and will focus on the importance of the mental aspect in sports with an emphasis on mindfulness, attention regulation, visualization and positive thinking. 

Our Model


Think Like a Pro

We deliver and teach with new perspectives on the mental and physical performance side of the game.


Play Like a Pro

We deliver a new perspective on game understanding by increasing a players technical ability and tactical awareness. 


Train Like a Pro

We deliver a heightened training environment with focused, detailed and demanding training sessions - higher than most have experienced.

How to contact us

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