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Total Soccer Academy Camps & Clinics

Total Soccer Academy provides camps & clinics for elite players of all ages.

Clinic Schedule & Details

Day 1 (April 1)

Day 1's theme will focus on shooting and finishing from around and outside the box allowing goalkeepers and field players to get plenty of reps.

Day 2 (April 2)

Day 2's theme will focus around situational 1v1's with field player and goalkeepers (dribbling 1v1's, being played in behind, etc.)

Day 3 (April 3)

Day 3's theme will center around finishing and goalkeeping from set pieces and crosses allowing them to get reps from many wide angles.


This clinic will be focused on giving field players and goalkeepers specialized training and reps in shooting, finishing and goalkeeping.

Goalkeepers will spend the first 45 minutes of each session with a goalkeeping coach working on various skills and techniques. Field players will also spend the first 45 minutes of each session with a shooting coach learning proper shooting and finishing techniques. At the end of each day, both field players and goalkeepers will have the opportunity to combine for drills allowing them to apply the things they have learned. 




  • This clinic is designed for boys and girls born between 2015 - 2011.

  • We encourage players from all skill levels to register for the camp as it's specifically designed to correct technique and give them an environment where they can get tons of reps. 

  • The camp will take place in Vineyard, Utah. Upon completing registration, exact location and details will be shared with participants.

  • Instruction from professional coaches

  • Each goalkeeper will receive a pair of BG branded gloves

  • Each player will receive a training top that they will be required to wear each day at camp (no outside club/branding allowed).


Meet the Coaches


Our Philosophy


Think Like a Pro

We deliver and teach with new perspectives on the mental and physical performance side of the game.


Play Like a Pro

We deliver a new perspective on game understanding by increasing a players technical ability and tactical awareness. 


Train Like a Pro

We deliver a heightened training environment with focused, detailed and demanding training sessions - higher than most have experienced.

How to contact us

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