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Total Soccer Academy

Total Soccer Academy comes from the phrase "total football," which is a tactical & philosophical concept popularized by the Netherlands national team in the 1970s. The concept emphasizes fluidity, versatility, and positional interchangeability amongst players and gives them the freedom to move and exchange positions with their teammates based on the flow of the game. Defenders may move into attacking roles, midfielders may push up to join the attack, and forwards may drop back to assist in build-up play.


Total Football requires a deep understanding of the game, exceptional spatial awareness, and the technical and mental ability to make quick decisions about when and where to move to exploit spaces.

“We embrace the concept of total football and aim to create an environment where our players can learn how to think, play and train like a pro."

Think Like a Pro

We bring in professional strength and conditioning coaches so kids have the opportunity to prepare their physical bodies as well as mindfulness and mental training coaches so they can be equipped with the tools they need to be able to handle intense environments and think like a pro. 


Play Like a Pro

All of our games and practice sessions are filmed with the intent of spending at least one session a week in the academy in a classroom setting analyzing film, watching different styles of play and gaining a better understanding of the game. Our players will spend a lot of time learning the game by watching the game - whether it's their games or someone else's. 

Train Like a Pro

We want our players to know the intensity of what it feels like to step into a professional training environment. We deliver a new perspective on the training experience by building out a heightened training environment with more focused training organization. The intensity, expectations & focus of each session will be different and more demanding than what 99% of players at this age have ever experienced before. 

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